Thursday, March 29, 2007

1n ur ph4c3 n00b

I'm getting back into updating this, I... SWEAR. Here's the deal... Remember Gattaca? Yeah a pretty decent Ethan Hawke flick from the late 90s... yeah me either. Well, the whole point of it was that you can't define someone by their genetic makeup and various DNA nuances. Well, Bioscrypt is trying damn hard to make sure that we get there as fast as possible. Always being at the head of physical access technology, (fingerprint scanners etc.) They've set new market standards with their new VisionAccess 3D DeskCam. Yup, your mug will now be on every IT d00dz desk and the world will be mocking you, but hey, at least your computer will be secure? While extremely accurate, the VisionAccess 3D DeskCam manages to stay quite noninvasive. Taking up virtually no space on the desk, (3 inches tall and a half inch wide) this bad boy connects via a single USB port to a lappy or desktop. This bitch'll be coming atcha in the second half of '07... keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Haha whoops... I totally forgot this existed. Wow... -_- Good news though!!! Update on the so-called "Zephyr"!!! Finally! It's called Xbox 360 Elite, and is a sleek black color. Here's the lowdown:

  • The Elite will be limited quantities only; that may be as much or as little as a couple hundred thousand.
  • The case, controller, and Live headset will all be black. It will have all new packaging.
  • Elite will cost $479, and will be a 3rd SKU; it will be sold alongside Premium and Core packs.
  • Eventually Elite hardware (in white plastics) will take the role of the Xbox Premium. That is to say, after the Elite is launched and sold out, future Xbox Premiums will have 120GB / HDMI.
  • We do not yet know exactly when 120GB / HDMI will become the standard for Premium, but it is loosely estimated to be late summer or fall.
  • Elite models run cooler than normal 360s, but they are not yet confirmed to have 65nm chips.
  • Prices may remain the same with the 120GB / HDMI hardware upgrade in the Premium Xbox, but we may still see a price cut on the line when 65nm chips start shipping.
  • The HD DVD drive will not be internal or bundled -- Microsoft never did or nor does not currently have plans to put an HD DVD drive in the 360.
  • There are no current plans to integrate WiFi into the Elite or future Premiums (although that can always change).

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yay PSP Firmware!

3.10 finally released to improve on 3.03 and enable MPEG4-AVC video streaming to as long as you pick up Sony's LocationFree Base station. It'll also include a nice equalizing effect (dynamic normalization) to balance out the annoyingly soft sounds with the annoyingly loud ones. The 3.10 is not really worth it though... it has a feature that will compress websites to conserve cache memory and may downgrade the image quality of some of the pics on the page. Rumors are abound that 3.10 has been decrypted already and some custom release can't be too far away. Might wanna wait for the hackers on this one guys.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Holy #@!al;fdha3@#$23

It's thin. Real thin. Anoxeric Olsen thin. It's Samsung's Ultra Edition 5.9. Samsung, breaking their own record, drops another bomb on the obese American public begging to be thin. The aptly named, Ultra Edition 5.9, is indeed 5.9mm thick, a record in the industry. While there were some rumors flying around the internet, sparked by a video of the phone being broken in two by a very small amount of pressure, the new cell is enjoying a vast amount of hype. Samsung discredited the videos, but it definitely looks flimsy. Specs include an impressive 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a tri-band GSM radio, and 80MB of on-board memory. European pockets will have a little less bulge in March, with an expected US release in the near future. Check out the thinness here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Phew, it's been awhile. With CES over, not much is happening. But good news! The long awaited Apple TV finally rolls out its specs. Well kind of... Geek friends at Apple have popped the silvery top and discovered a 1GHz processor from the good people at Intel, codenamed "Crofton". It's a sucktacular name, but whatever. We're not here to judge. NVIDIA threw in a 64MB card for video purposes. 256MB of DDR2 RAM running at 400MHz compliments a 40GB hard drive. Oddly enough, the Apple TV can't function as its own wireless router, despite the 802.11 n antenna hidden within. A USB port is in the rear of this little magic box, which Apple claims is for "services and diagnostics", but I'm sure someone will hack it and have linux up and running in now time via a bootable flash drive. All in all, this little box has plenty of horsepower to run the apps it needs to, but don't expect any miracles from Apple's mini TiVo wanna be.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Some things just shouldn't exist

Every man likes to be noticed. Thousands of years ago, we built the pyramids. We had the Taj Mahal, and there was the Great Wall of China. But for some reason, around the turn of the century, the focus shifted and things became smaller and smaller. And now, it seems, in the new millennium, big is good. At the culmination of this year's CES, Sharp announced their 108-inch LCD HDTV. holy shit. The official dimensions: 93.9x52.9 and 107.8 across. There's 9 feet of viewing pleasure for ya right there... if you can manage to find a place to put it... Check out the story here

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Zephyr Update

(Note: See "Codename: Zephyr")

Xbox-Scene has done it again and brought us two new images of the mysterious Zephyr, the Xbox 360 2.0. Click the link for details on Microsoft's new project. Still refusing to ackknowledge any claims, Microsoft is a tough cookie to crack. At the bottom of the page you'll find a nice little embed file from YouTube. oh yes... there is a video :) Check back for more updates

(Note: Image taken from Thanks guys. Motherboard of the Zephyr)